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  Hair thinning and baldness have unquestionably become matters of much concern, not only among males of all ages but also among a growing number of females. According to a recent survey, there are more than 30 million men in India suffering from excessive hair-loss.

Women’s situation is not any better than men. Nearly 20 million women in India experience hair-thinning. Nearly 40% of these women never expected it to happen to them. Most women with hair thinning are aware of the problem but reluctant to admit it.





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Directions for use
Apply generously on scalp and hair and massage well. It is excellent nourishment for the hair. Moreover, it is non-oily. So keep for as long as you like.

Throughout history hair has been associated with beauty, personality, self-esteem, sensuality and power.

Whether you are going for a meeting, interview, work or a big social event, how your hair looks is an important factor in terms of making an impression in today’s looks-oriented society.

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